The luxury Villa Balatura provides the unforgettable atmosphere of the island's indigenous house.



    Luxurious, spacious Mediterranean stone five-star villa is the last in a row of four San Rocco Villas



    Luxurious, spacious Mediterranean stone five-star villa, with the largest enclosed yard



    Luxurious, spacious Mediterranean stone five-star villa is the biggest of four San Rocco Villas.

Luxury stone San Rocco Villas...

...are located on the island of Krk, in a small village called Turčić near Malinska. Indigenous, stone, simple and luxurious...

Spacious, airy, near the sea, but far enough to ensure peace and privacy... A ten-minute walk will take you to the beautiful gravel Rove bay where the crystal sea, beautiful beach and the shade under olive trees create a unique experience of the Mediterranean. Active holiday and nature lovers can enjoy in numerous hiking and biking trails that go around the villas and along the beach and the sea.

Embraced by the indigenous island village, these stone villas offer an irresistible blend of old and new, modern and traditional. The charm of the old way of building is complemented by modern details, providing additional comfort in the exclusive San Rocco Villas. Each villa has its own large fenced yard with a swimming pool, terrace and a barbecue. Comfortable and fully equipped, fully air- conditioned and, if necessary, heated interiors provide a pleasant stay throughout the year.

Relax in peaceful settings and beautiful countryside, surrounded by Mediterranean plants and olive trees.

Enjoy a luxury five-star vacation.

Whoever comes here once, will keep coming back.